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Speaking of, our own little worlds, what do you think? Other worlds, want to check some out? All of time and space, everywhere and anywhere: every star that ever was, everything that ever happened or ever will... Where do you want to start?

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Hello friends.
I am usually not one to do this, but this anon really irked me, and then the post was deleted, but I would like this to be put out there anyway, because it is explained in the tags that this has sort of annoyed me and I would like to do something about it, even if it’s just for the satisfaction of getting my opinion out there and hopefully to other people who may be having the same thoughts as any three viewpoints. At this point the tag about deleting doesn’t apply, because I want this to be seen. Also.

A blog that is run with the intentions to help other people is, guess what, run by actual people! Anon hate is anon hate, whether it’s sent to a personal blog, an rp blog, or a help blog. You are being rude and disrespectful to someone who doesn’t even have to be doing what they’re doing for you. Don’t bite the hand that feeds, man. Show some respect.

I know that it’s unlikely for either the anon or whoever runs inboxideas to see this, but maybe someone who has done this or does this regularly will see and to you, kind sir, I must kindly request that you knock your shit off and be a decent human being.
Oh, and this was my question
That is all, mun out~


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