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Speaking of, our own little worlds, what do you think? Other worlds, want to check some out? All of time and space, everywhere and anywhere: every star that ever was, everything that ever happened or ever will... Where do you want to start?

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The Doctor Needs Help || Open RP

The Doctor lay on the ground, stunned and coughing. Having just transported there using a vortex manipulator, he’d hoped there wasn’t anyone around- but that didn’t matter compared to the consequences of staying where he was.

River had given him her vortex manipulator in advance- she wouldn’t tell him why, as usual, just to wear it at all times, as he would need it.

It turned out he did need it not long after. On the bright side, he’d managed to save an entire planet from a hostile invasion- but at a cost. He’d narrowly escaped execution, and had taken a few shots that would have killed any human, before he managed to set his manipulator to somewhere safe on Earth

Now as he lay there coughing, clothes singed and smoking, one heart close to failure and the other halfway, he watched the slowly spinning sky. Without his TARDIS. Excellent.

He didn’t want to regenerate- he didn’t want to go… Struggling to get up on his side only resulted in another gagging cough and landing facefist into the grass. At least landing somewhere soft had gone in his favor…

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    River had given him a vortex manipulater, hers to be exact and had refused to tell him why, no matter how much he asked....
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    Kailee squinted at him, hesitantly getting up. “Fine, fine.” She sighed, shaking her head. “Okay, you win this round.”...
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    He held back a laugh and typed something into a keyboard, and the outside view of the TARDIS appeared onscreen. He...
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